Jonathan Wells

3d rendered medically accurate illustration of the equine anatomy - the skeleton
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Alan Gishlick and the NCSE

Apparently, Gishlick has decided that the icons of evolution are not simply mistakes that can be corrected or ignored; instead, they must be defended at all costs. Read More ›
Moths on window at night
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Desperately Defending The Peppered Myth

Open almost any introductory biology textbook published between 1960 and 2000 and you’ll see pictures of peppered moths resting on tree trunks, put there to illustrate the classic story of natural selection in action. Since the 1980s, however, biologists have known that the story is seriously flawed. In a new book, Of Moths and Men, Judith Hooper documents the rise Read More ›

Apocalypse after war abstract skull and birds
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“A Nuclear Bomb” for Evolution?

The discovery of a nearly 7-million-year-old skull has been hailed as “a small nuclear bomb” for evolution, “the most important fossil discovery in living memory,” and a “challenge to human origins.” Time said that the fossil might be “your very first relative.” An international team of scientists uncovered the mostly intact cranium–nicknamed Toumai (meaning “hope of life”)–along with two jawbone Read More ›