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The Dangers of Totalitarian Science, Pt. 2

On this ID the Future from the vault, we hear part two of a panel discussion on “The Danger of Totalitarian Science,” held at the July 2018 FreedomFest in Las Vegas. Read More ›
Darwinian Racism

Darwinian Racism Webinar, Pt. 2

Today’s ID the Future features the second half of a recent webinar spotlighting historian Richard Weikart and his new book, Darwinian Racism: How Darwinism Influenced Hitler, Nazism, and White Nationalism. Here Weikart fields questions from the webinar audience. Read More ›
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Leftists Are Okay With Government-Sponsored Religion So Long As It Pushes COVID Vaccines

Across the United States, government officials are using God to sell the public on more COVID vaccinations. Nobody seems to mind, least of all the American Civil Liberties Union. The Washington state Department of Health produced an ad featuring Presbyterian minister Liz Kearney. Dressed in her clerical collar, Kearney offers a mini-sermon: “There’s actually very little in the Bible about Read More ›

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March for Science or March for Secularism?

On April 22, a “March for Science” will take place in Washington, D.C. and hundreds of other cities around the world. March organizers say they believe that “science works best when scientists come from diverse perspectives.” They also claim that the “scientific community is best served by including voices and contributions from people of all identities and backgrounds.” Tell that Read More ›

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Walt Disney, Prophet of Middle America

Thursday marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of filmmaker and theme-park creator extraordinaire Walt Disney. Despite Disney’s status as a beloved icon of popular culture, he remains woefully under-appreciated as a filmmaker — especially for his live-action productions, which are often dismissed as trite or inconsequential. As I explain in my book Walt Disney and Live Action, that assessment Read More ›

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Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Most Influential Conservative Filmmaker

December 15 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Walt Disney, arguably Hollywood’s most influential conservative filmmaker. Disney usually receives apolitical veneration for his animated films and his creation of Disneyland, but as I explain in my book “Walt Disney and Live Action,” Disney’s live-action films and television shows consistently championed limited government, self-reliance, the American Founding, and Judeo-Christian Read More ›

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The Line Running from Charles Darwin through Margaret Sanger to Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a racist and a proponent of eugenics, the effort to breed a superior human race in the name of Darwinian biology. Imagine if Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and Speaker of the House John Boehner both accepted an award named for slave-owner and President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis. Imagine further that Jeb Bush Read More ›

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Happy Darwin Day?

Today is the birthday of Charles Darwin, and enthusiasts around the globe will be marking the occasion with special dinners, lectures, birthday parties and more. Darwin boosters often insist they are inspired simply by a disinterested commitment to science, while their critics are motivated primarily by religion. But Darwin Day festivities make it painfully obvious that many promoters of Darwinian theory Read More ›