Dave Ross

Dave Ross/KIRO 710 Interviews Bruce Agnew On Eastside Rail

Cascadia Center Director Bruce Agnew was interviewed on the Dave Ross Show, KIRO-AM 710 Seattle, about plans for an Eastside commuter rail line. Here’s an MP3 file of the show’s first hour. The interview starts just past the halfway point, around 9:35 a.m.

Interview Of Bruce Agnew, on Eastside Rail

This article contains an interview with Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew about Eastside Rail on the Dave Ross Show. Here is the MP3 audio file of the interview during the second hour of the Dave Ross Show on 12/14/07.

Radio Interview: Preserving Eastside Rail Line

MP3 audio link of second hour, Dave Ross Show, 12/3/07, KIRO-AM 710. Interview with Bruce Agnew, Director, Cascadia Center, on Eastside rail corridor preservation, runs from 10:26 to 10:30. It is preceeded in this same audio file by Ross’ interview on the same topic with Kurt Triplett, Chief of Staff to King County Executive Ron Sims.