austin congress avenue bridge
Aerial of Auston Texas from the Congress Avenue Bridge next to the Statesmans Bat Observation Center
Photo licensed via Adobe Stock

What Austin Can Teach Seattle About Civic Planning

In Austin, Texas, people take their government seriously. That may be the most important lesson the Seattle Chamber learned from a recent three-day Seattle-Austin meeting in the Texas capital, where transportation, technology, culture and music, energy and governance were all on the agenda. Austin isn’t your typical Texas town. Its own mayor, with a made-for-politics name, Will Wynn, described his Read More ›

Sims: ‘No Immediate Plans To Remove Rails’

This article, published by the Woodinville Weekly, mentions Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Bruce Agnew: Bruce Agnew, director of the Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development, said that he gave Ron Sims a lot of credit for recognizing the common-sense notion of using the corridor for a regional trail and for a transportation corridor. The rest of the article can Read More ›

All Aboard Eastside Commuter Rail

This article, published by The Seattle Times, mentions Discovery Institute Fellow Bruce Agnew: Cascadia director Bruce Agnew has a better idea: Do both. Now. Agnew and his organization are longtime rail advocates, and they have lots of enthusiastic company. The rest of the article can be found here.