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Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith Condemns Judge’s Ruling in Schiavo Case

As Terri Schiavo approaches her 94th hour without food or water, tensions rise across the country on both sides of the issue. Below, Wesley J. Smith, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, attorney, and ethicist, released a statement regarding the latest ruling by a judge in Florida to block Terriā€™s feeding tube to be reinserted, thus sustaining her life. Read More ›

It was bound to happen. First, proponents of the culture of death brought us physician-assisted suicide (PAS). Now, we must contend with IAS – Internet-assisted suicide. Yes, you read right. As reported by Julia Scheeres in the June 8 San Francisco Chronicle, suicide promotion and facilitation has entered cyberspace. In “A Virtual Path to Suicide,” Scheeres demonstrates how indifferent to Read More ›

Dying Cause:

For many years, the bunker-buster in the pro-assisted-suicide arsenal has been its supposed inevitability. Pointing to multiple public-opinion polls showing support for assisted suicide generally in the high 60-percent range, euthanasia advocates claimed that only a rigid, religiously motivated minority – e.g., Catholics – was keeping Americans from accessing the “ultimate civil right.” Soon, they cheerily predicted, the anti-assisted-suicide medievalists Read More ›