What Does It Mean to Be Human in an Age of Artificial Intelligence?

Mind Matters
Robert J. Marks II
Gretchen Huizinga
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What makes mankind special? And what does it mean to flourish on the frontier of a technological future? Robert J. Marks discusses new technology, what artificial intelligence can and can’t do, and the ethical implications of artificial intelligence with Gretchen Huizinga. This interview was originally published by the Beatrice Institute and is repeated here with their permission.

Show Notes

  • 01:32 | Introducing Dr. Robert J. Marks
  • 02:38 | The Difference Between Artificial and Natural Intelligence
  • 06:31 | The Goldilocks Position
  • 07:40 | The Challenges and Limitations to AI
  • 14:42 | The Legacy of Walter Bradley
  • 18:55 | The Difference Between Computational and Artificial Intelligence
  • 24:22 | What is Hope and What is Hype?
  • 28:44 | What Keeps Dr. Robert J. Marks Up at Night?
  • 34:26 | AI and Faith
  • 36:56 | Is Flourishing Bad and Friction Good?
  • 40:45 | The Personal Mission of Dr. Robert J. Marks

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