solar energy and nature
solar energy and nature

Hope & Energy: Empowering Haiti Through Appropriate Technology

Mind Matters
Robert J. Marks II
Brian Thomas & Garrett

In the fall of 2022, the country of Haiti was facing a fuel and energy crisis, and in the intervening months, the situation has unfortunately not improved. In this episode of Mind Matters from the archive, host Robert J. Marks interviews Brian Thomas and Kayla Garrett from JustEnergy, a nonprofit organization that works in Haiti to provide solar energy systems for hospitals, clinics, schools, and orphanages. They discuss the fuel and energy crisis in Haiti, the challenges faced by the Haitian people, and the efforts of JustEnergy to help improve energy access and create jobs. They also highlight the use of appropriate technology, such as solar panels and lithium ferro phosphate batteries, to address the energy needs of the Haitian population.

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