Waves in a digital grid with particles - atomic model
Waves in a digital grid with particles - atomic model

From Material to Mind: Understanding Idealism

Mind Matters
Robert J. Marks II
Doug Axe
Audio File (44.56M)

In this episode of the Mind Matters News podcast, host Robert J. Marks and co-host Brian Krouse continue their discussion of idealism with Dr. Doug Axe. In his chapter on the topic for the recent volume Minding the Brain, Axe presents four conundrums that support the move away from physicalism and dualism towards idealism. Axe discusses these conundrums with Marks and Krouse. The first conundrum is why physics looks so much like math. The second is why matter refuses to be material. The third is why physics is intrinsically non-reductionistic, and the fourth conundrum is how a true understanding of physics can be rationally incoherent. These conundrums suggest that the physical structure of the universe is not the base reality but instead point toward an idealistic reality, one where the mind of God and the mind of man are intrinsically linked.

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