The Armadillo and the SSE Hydro in Panoramic View
The Armadillo and the SSE Hydro in Panoramic View

Distinguished Glasgow Surgeon David Galloway Dissects Darwinism

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David Galloway
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There’s a wealth of books covering the arguments for intelligent design, and yet one type of book has so far been missing – a young adult novel. That changes with the release of The Farm at the Center of the Universe, a new teen novel from astrobiologist Guillermo Gonzalez and author Jonathan Witt, now available from Discovery Institute Press. On this ID The Future, host Andrew McDiarmid sits down with Gonzalez and Witt to discuss how the book came about and what readers can hope to gain from it.

Gonzalez begins by discussing what inspired him to write The Farm and introducing us to the novel’s main characters. There’s Isaac, a young teen reeling from the untimely death of his father. His cousin Charlie is a science teacher and committed materialist, always eager to promote a Darwinian view of the world to those in his charge. Then there’s Isaac’s abuelos, his grandfather and grandmother. The story centers on a weekend visit to his grandparents’ farm, where Isaac will be caught in a battle of wits between two men, facing a choice that he alone can make.

Gonzalez and Witt then discuss the experience of co-authoring a book together as well as how the work relates to Gonzalez’s well-known 2004 book The Privileged Planet. They unpack the story’s key location–the farm–and what readers experience of farm and ranch life there. The conversation closes with discussion of the book’s illustrations and whether or not The Farm at the Center of the Universe would make for a good movie. McDiarmid asks if they’d sell the film rights to Steven Spielberg if he came knocking. Unfortunately, says Witt, they’d have to tell Mr. Spielberg that they’re holding out for a certain Christopher Nolan. Whether or not it hits the multiplex as a movie one day, this novel geared to young adults is sure to introduce new generations to the growing evidence for intelligent design.


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Professor David Galloway, MD DSc FRCS FRCP FACS FACP, is a surgeon based in the West of Scotland and an alumnus of the University of Glasgow. His clinical training involved working in hospitals in Glasgow, London, and New York City. His postgraduate academic work was focused on cancer research and, in particular, aspects of cell division and how it can be influenced by various environmental and dietary factors. He developed an academic surgical practice in Glasgow focusing on surgical oncology and metabolic surgery. Since 2014 he has provided intermittent surgical support to Chitokoloki, a Christian Mission Hospital in rural Zambia and now holds registration with the Health Professions Council of Zambia. Galloway is former President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, and an Honorary Professor of Surgery, College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, University of Glasgow. He is married to Christine and they have two daughters and three grandchildren. He is a keen golfer and an avid reader of popular science, philosophy of science and religion, and current affairs. He is also in demand as a speaker on aspects of Christianity and apologetics.
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