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Can a Good Hustler Count Cards Like a Computer?

Mind Matters
Robert J. Marks II
Sal Cordova
Audio File (34.34M)

Do you have to be a genius to count cards? What are the skills needed to learn this algorithmic art? And what happens if you get caught? Robert J. Marks and Sal Cordova discuss the ins and outs of card counting.

Show Notes

  • 00:06 | Introducing Sal Cordova
  • 00:36 | What Does It Take to be a Good Hustler?
  • 01:45 | A Lesson In Card Counting
  • 15:07 | You Have to Be a Good Actor
  • 16:58 | How To Use Your Teeth As a Keyboard
  • 19:28 | Blackjack Books
  • 21:56 | If You Try to Beat The Game, You Could be Arrested

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