Michael Medved

Senior Fellow, Center on Wealth & Poverty

Michael Medved is a nationally-broadcast talk radio host, podcaster and best-selling author. With an audience growing to 5 million weekly listeners, his daily three-hour current events and pop culture show has placed for two decades among the ten most important talk shows in the United States. His daily podcast, “In the Light of History,” available with his radio show (commercial-free) to a growing list of subscribers, provides historical context for the news and analysis he covers. 

He is also the author of thirteen non-fiction books, including the national bestsellers What Really Happened to the Class of '65?, Hollywood Vs. America, The Ten Big Lies About America, and, most recently in 2018, The American Miracle: Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic. Its companion volume, God's Hand in America, is to be published later this year.

He is a member of the Board of Contributors of USA Today, and his pieces appear frequently in The Wall Street Journal and Commentary. 

Following publication of his three books on films, Medved served for six years as Chief Film Critic for the New York Post, and for twelve years as co-host of Sneak Previews, the weekly movie review show on PBS television. His commentaries on hot-button issues and reviews of new films are available in his free weekly newsletter and on his website, MichaelMedved.com.

 Born in Philadelphia, Medved attended public schools in San Diego and Los Angeles before entering Yale at age 16. After completing his degree, with honors, in American history, he attended Yale Law School where his classmates included Bill and HIllary Clinton. Later, during 17 years as a synagogue president in the Los Angeles area, he co-founded Pacific Jewish Center and the Emmanuel Streisand School - later renamed Yeshivat Ohr Eliyahu. Since 1996 Medved and his wife, psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Diane Medved, have lived in the Seattle area, where they raised their three children, and now enjoy helping with their two small grandchildren.


Michael Medved Interviews Stephen Meyer on Return of the God Hypothesis

In a series of segments on the Michael Medved show, Stephen Meyer discusses his latest book, Return of the God Hypothesis. Segment 1: Medved prompts Meyer to explain why the God hypothesis has necessarily returned as science has advanced in the last century. Meyer explains how three major findings in recent scientific study point to a powerful, designing intellect behind Read More ›

Conserving Great Ideas

An Interview with David Gelernter on Great Minds with Michael Medved
To be a conservative, says Yale polymath David Gelernter, is to “give due credit to the ideas that created the civilization we live within.” A simple and beautiful summary. In a new podcast episode of Great Mind with Michael Medved, Dr. Gelernter talks with our host Mr. Medved about the shocking irresponsibility in the failure to introduce young people to the Read More ›

Stephen Meyer on the Return of the God Hypothesis

Assessing the Scientific Case for God on Great Minds with Michael Medved
Biology reveals evidence of design, Dr. Stephen Meyer explains in this conversation with Michael Medved, but it can’t take us very far in identifying the source of that design. Proponents of intelligent design have been clear about that. For an idea about who or what the designer might be, you need to turn to other scientific fields — physics and cosmology Read More ›

Stephen Meyer’s Next Frontier

Stephen Meyer on Great Minds with Michael Medved
Steve Meyer is well known as a leading proponent of intelligent design, the scientific alternative to theories of unguided biological evolution. He talks here about his exciting and important next book. Meyer is ready to advance the discussion of why life exists to a whole new level.

Richard Weikart on Hitler’s Religion

Michael Medved inteviews Richard Weikart on Whether Hitler was a Christian
Adolf Hitler is long dead. Nevertheless, his name is still invoked every day as a rhetorical smear. By drawing usually dubious connections to Hitler and the Holocaust, partisans charge their opponents with guilt by association. This unfortunate cultural twitch has even been canonized as Godwin’s Law or reductio ad Hitlerum. At the top of the list, Hitler’s supposed Catholicism is often used as Read More ›

Religious Robots and Free Americans

Michael Medved and David Gelernter on Human and American Exceptionalism
Of his many specialties, in this episode Michael inquires into David Gelernter’s professional preoccupation: artificial intelligence. Gelernter recalls the pioneering role of his father, warns of the perils of letting children be captive to flickering screens, and remarks on whether AI robots can be spiritual seekers. Gelernter also emphasizes the key role of the Judeo-Christian Western tradition in creating a Read More ›

The Conception of Braveheart

Michael Medved and Randall Wallace Revisit Braveheart and the Making of Transcendent Films
Michael Medved and long-time friend Randall Wallace discuss the fortunes of the once robust business of movie entertainment and the current exodus of writers and directors toward television. The ensuing conversation revisits the birth of the idea of Braveheart in Edinburgh Castle, the initial meeting with Mel Gibson, and the importance of having the conviction to be faithful to one’s Read More ›

The ‘War on Women’ Failed in 2012

And there's no reason to believe it will work in 2014. The exit polls tell the real story.
President Obama is suddenly upset about the alleged wage gap between men and women, but he’s not responding to a national economic crisis. Instead, he is attempting to revive the “war on women” theme that, according to Washington wisdom, helped carry Democrats to victory in 2012 and might do again in 2014. If this narrative were true, the White House Read More ›

Stephen Meyer on the Michael Medved show discussing teaching intelligent design and academic freedom

Dr. Stephen Meyer on the Michael Medved show discusses two recent incidents involving the idea of academic freedom. The first is a scandal at Ball State University, in which physics professor Eric Hedin was, against university policy, censored for his interdisciplinary course Boundaries of Science. The second is the cancellation of an elective, not-for-credit Philosophy course offered at Amarillo College titled Read More ›

Stephen Meyer on the Michael Medved Show discusses materialism and how it affects our constitution

On the Michael Medved show, Dr. Stephen Meyer discusses the conflict between the materialistic worldview espoused by such thinkers as Darwin, Marx, Freud, and the principles articulated in the Constitution. Stephen Meyer is the author of The New York Times best selling book Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the case for Intelligent Design (HarperOne, 2013). For Read More ›