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Education expert applauds Idaho’s move towards student-centered learning

He recommends a game plan for advancing education reform

“Idaho’s model education legislation is an outstanding step in the right direction,” according to Don Nielsen, former Seattle School Board President and author of Every School: One Citizen’s Guide To Transforming Education. 

He was referring to the legislature’s work with the Governor to eliminate the cap on the 20 schools that can enter the state’s pilot program for “mastery-based education.”

Next up Idaho should move forward in creating ‘Institutes for Educational Leadership’,” explained Nielsen, and added that “These institutes would have extraordinarily high admission standards, and would be populated with instructors from business, education, and public policy schools as well as leaders from business, the military, and current school systems.”

Nielsen went on, “I support charter schools, but I also support the notion of allowing innovation to occur in the existing public system, both at the school level and at the district level.”

Nielsen’s book, Every School was originally published in 2014 by Discovery Institute, where Nielsen is a senior fellow at the Institute’s American Center for Transforming Education. 

“I have revised Every School and updated it with a chapter dealing with a ‘Game Plan’ for a state,” said Nielsen. “The earlier edition dealt with the major issues, but not a plan and now this new edition does both.”

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Bailey Takacs

Development Program Coordinator, American Center for Transforming Education
Bailey Takacs served as development program coordinator to Discovery Institutes' American Center for Transforming Education and Development team. Bailey has experiences which also include: campaign management and administrative roles with elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels of the government. He holds a B.A. in Politics and Government from Pacific Lutheran University.
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