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John G. West to Speak on C.S. Lewis, Scientocracy, and the Role of Faith in Politics

Sessions presented at the upcoming Slaying Leviathan Conference in Tacoma, WA

Discovery Institute Vice President John West will be speaking on C.S. Lewis, the threat of “scientocracy,” and the relationship between Christianity and politics at three sessions of the Slaying Leviathan Conference on Oct. 28-29 in Tacoma, WA.

On Friday night, Dr. West will talk about C.S. Lewis’s views on science and scientism for the Theology Pugcast podcast taped during the conference. On Saturday, he will discuss what we can learn about the relationship between faith and politics from American history in the 1800s. He will also give a talk on the dangers of “scientocracy” in today’s America.

West’s books include Darwin Day in America, The Politics of Revelation and Reason, The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society, The C.S. Lewis Readers’ Encyclopedia, The Encyclopedia of Religion in American Politics, and Walt Disney and Live Action. His documentary films include Human Zoos: America’s Forgotten History of Scientific Racism, Revolutionary, The Magician’s Twin, and Privileged Species.

The Slaying Leviathan Conference is sponsored by Evangelical Reformed Church of Tacoma. Other speakers at the event will include:

Dr. Glenn S. Sunshine, Professor Emeritus of History at the Central Connecticut State University, a Senior Fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and a Ministry Associate at Reflections Ministries.

C.R. Wiley, a Pastor and author residing in the Pacific Northwest. He has written for Touchstone Magazine, Sacred Architecture, The Imaginative Conservative, National Review Online, and First Things, among outlets. His most recent book is In the House of Tom Bombadil.

Pastor Rich Hamlin, founding and senior pastor of Evangelical Reformed Church (Tacoma). He has authored two books, Prepare to Meet Your God and the children’s book, If They Could Talk: Letters from Those Who Were There.


Friday, October 28
6:00 – 9:00 PM PT

Saturday, October 29
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM PT


Evangelical Reformed Church
7435 S Madison St
Tacoma, WA 98409

(Livestream also available)


John G. West

Senior Fellow, Managing Director, and Vice President of Discovery Institute
Dr. John G. West is Vice President of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute and Managing Director of the Institute’s Center for Science and Culture. Formerly the Chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography at Seattle Pacific University, West is an award-winning author and documentary filmmaker who has written or edited 12 books, including Darwin Day in America: How Our Politics and Culture Have Been Dehumanized in the Name of Science, The Magician’s Twin: C. S. Lewis on Science, Scientism, and Society, and Walt Disney and Live Action: The Disney Studio’s Live-Action Features of the 1950s and 60s. His documentary films include Fire-Maker, Revolutionary, The War on Humans, and (most recently) Human Zoos. West holds a PhD in Government from Claremont Graduate University, and he has been interviewed by media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, Reuters, Time magazine, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Washington Post.