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The Design Inference

A landmark of the intelligent design movement, The Design Inference revolutionized our understanding of how we detect intelligent causation. Originally published twenty-five years ago, it has now been revised and expanded into a second edition that greatly sharpens its exploration of design inferences. Read More ›
Andrew Klavan Show - Casey Luskin

Can Intelligent Design Explain The Theory of Evolution?

Casey Luskin, Associate Director at Discovery Institute, joins Andrew Klavan on the Andrew Klavan Show to discuss the theory of intelligent design in relation to contemporary scientific views of creation, the relationship between theism and the theory of evolution, and the secular aversion and reaction to faith-based scientific argument.

Michael Behe and Richard Sternberg to Defend Intelligent Design in Live Debate

Michael Behe, professor of biological sciences and Lehigh University, and Richard Sternberg, evolutionary biologist, will be taking part in a debate with Michael Ruse and Malgorzata Moczydlowska-Vidal over whether intelligent design is just an illusion or indeed a reality. Our friends at the En Arche Foundation will be organizing this event and have described it in further detail below: Intelligent Read More ›

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In Evolution Debate Intelligent Design Passes the Richard Dawkins Test

Richard Dawkins has described a test that he predicted would prove evolution, but now, mounting scientific evidence shows that the same test instead proves intelligent design.  According to Casey Luskin, scientists have sequenced a great number of whole genomes and they know that Dawkins was wrong. Every gene does not deliver “approximately the same tree of life.” Read More ›

Science After Babel

Polymath and raconteur David Berlinski is at it again, challenging the shibboleths of contemporary science with his inimitable blend of deep learning, close reasoning, and rapier wit. In Science After Babel he reflects on everything from Newton, Einstein, and Gödel to catastrophe theory, information theory, and the morass that is modern Darwinism. The scientific enterprise is unarguably impressive, but it shows no Read More ›


Origin of Life: Reality Check

Can you trust everything you hear about the origin of life? The short answer is “No.” Many popular science expositors overstate the evidence for the natural, chemical origin of life and promote gross misinformation to the public on this topic. This video reviews popular claims made about the origin of life and shows why they are contradicted by the evidence, Read More ›

Old town in Cracow, Poland in autumn time.
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Faith and Science in the Age of Secularization

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture is pleased to announce a co-sponsored event taking place in Krakow, Poland featuring Senior Fellows Günter Bechly, Michael Behe, Richard Sternberg, and Guillermo Gonzalez among other speakers. Read below for a description from the conference organizers. The Polish Senate has declared 2023 the year of Nicolaus Copernicus, one of the most famous astronomers Read More ›