Foreign Policy

Save West Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine is now a Russian lake…. Latest News.  Crimea’s referendum favored reunion with Russia, final Russian “count” at 97 percent for, but the choices were rigged, in a display of the 19th-century cynical geopolitics SecState John Kerry thinks obsolete. In West Ukraine, people are scared of Moscow but also angry at the West for its tepid response to Russia’s Read More ›

Mid-Sochi: Munich Anew

No, not the terrorism; it’s NBC’s propaganda…. At NRO ace reporter John Fund collects depressing examples of NBC toadying up to Russia & Vladimir Putin.  NBC’s contemptible conduct evokes not the terrorism that irremediably scarred the 1972 Munich Games, but instead another shameful episode, which Fund cites: British pre-WW-II prime minister Neville Chamberlain’s infamous appeasement of Adolf Hitler upon their Read More ›

SI Neg. 98-41569.36a. Date: 12/7/1998...Ariel Sharon, Foreign Minister of Israel speaking at a press conference at the National Press Club ..Credit: Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution)
Photo by Jim Wallace for the Smithsonian Institute (CC BY 2.0)

Ariel Sharon: 1928 – 2014

Bravest in battles, whether at war or at peace…. A giant passes on, who looms especially large compared to the pygmy who sits in the White House.  Readings well worth it: Times of Israel obituary: Israel’s indomitable protector. How Sharon narrowly escaped near-certain death in the 1948 war. Elliott Abrams, who worked closely with Sharon for five years, “His Eye Read More ›

Harry Reid “Nukes” Senate

United States Senate’s worst year ever ends…. The two-year budget deal passed 64-36 Wednesday (9 GOP senators crossed the aisle to vote for the bill; 3 other GOP senators who voted to cut off debate Tuesday voted against the final bill), given 2-1/2 cheers by policy ace Peter Ferrara, albeit saddled with the odious military pension cuts Democrats insisted upon: Read More ›

Iran: Secrets and Betrayal

Telltale clues to identify ally betrayal….. Here’s how to tell: Conduct secret negotiations with your ally’s mortal enemy, based upon wrongly presumed common interests & hence goals, including back-channel talks going back five years, even one found to be conducting one or another form of war on you & your ally, on a matter viewed as existential by your ally. Read More ›

Iran’s Thugs Smile, We Lose

John Kerry’s interim disaster augurs catastrophe…. Sunday morning’s interim nuclear deal that six Western powers made with Iran’s rulers is a disaster in search of catastrophe–the latter in the form of the planned final deal six months hence. On Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace began his report on the deal having been reached with  “While many were sleeping”; it Read More ›

Healthcare Plans and Lying

“O” lie?  Depends upon the meaning of “good plan”…. What lies at the root of Team Obama’s defense of “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.  Period.”?  In essence, Team Obama channels Bill Clinton’s famous line (0:05) during l’affaire Monica, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’, is.”  Yet one estimate is that Read More ›

Silk Road Odyssey: A Future for Islam Lite?

Eighteen days in central Asia leave a visitor with indelible impressions of societies that, while poor by Western standards, are doing far better than many wealthier countries. A central facet of life in the three “Stan” countries I visited — Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan — is that they wear their Islamic faith lightly. Their societies survived seven decades of harsh Read More ›

Obamacare: Whodunit?

Michelle, in the Oval Office with a candlestick?….. Guess whose college chum landed the no-bid contract for the ObamaCare website software, acing out three other aspirants? On, now to Kathleen Sebelius: Please, please–PUH-LEEZ!–keep her, Mr. President.  She is the perfect exemplar of all ObamaCare represents: pray that Sebelius KEEPS her job.  She is part Nurse Ratched (3:10), except that the Read More ›

Obamacare Roll-Out Bombs

A fiasco for the governmental ages…. Begin with ObamaCare’s latest humiliation statistic: more people have signed up to go to Mars when technology permits, than have signed up at the federal government’s health care website.  At a time of record public distrust of government and their leaders, this happens. As for the president’s telemarketing pitch from the Rose Garden on Read More ›