Hallmarks of Design

Evidence of Purposeful Design and Beauty in NatureStuart Burgess

The Design argument contends that design in nature reveals a Designer. This book presents this in the light of the latest discoveries about the complexity and beauty of the natural world.


Dr. Stuart Burgess writes in plain, easy-to-understand terms of the complexity and beauty of living creatures all around us. God has placed his hallmark on creation, and it is this argument that Dr. Stuart Burgess brilliantly expounds. Readers of this book will be intrigued by the delightful summary of example after example, showing hallmarks of design in the natural world.

Professor Andy McIntosh, University of Leeds

Stuart Burgess

Professor of Engineering Design at University of Bristol
Dr Stuart Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University (UK), Cambridge University (UK), and Liberty University (USA). He has published over 180 scientific publications on the science of design in engineering and biology. In the last two Olympics he was the lead transmission designer for the British Olympic Cycling Team, helping them on both occasions to be ranked in first place for track cycling. For the last two decades his gearboxes have been used successfully on all the large earth-observation satellites of the European Space Agency. He has received many national and international awards for design, including the top mechanical engineer award in the UK out of 120,000 professional mechanical engineers.