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Criticism and Response for Return of the God Hypothesis

With the upcoming release of Stephen C. Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis, the scientific dialogue between its detractors and defenders is set to explode. Here we collect some of the most noteworthy criticisms and responses by Meyer and others. Find the most comprehensive coverage and most recent responses of Return of the God Hypothesis at Evolution News.

Re: Darrel Falk and Jim Stump at Biologos

Regarding “Return of the God Hypothesis: A Biologist’s Reflections” by Darrel Falk at (April 16, 2021) and “A Guide to the Stephen Meyer Podcast Episode” by Jim Stump (May 6, 2021).

Commentary at Evolution News

Discussion with James Croft on Christian Heritage at Cambridge

The Center for Science and Culture

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture advances the understanding that human beings and nature are the result of intelligent design rather than a blind and undirected process. We seek long-term scientific and cultural change through cutting-edge scientific research and scholarship; education and training of young leaders; communication to the general public; and advocacy of academic freedom and free speech for scientists, teachers, and students.