From Scholarship to Huckstership

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 74, Fall 1997 The C.S. Lewis Foundation for Truth in Publishing

The remainder of Issue 74 is about something completely different, Stanley Mattson’s latest fundraising projects. His new phone number for potential donors is 1-888-CSLEWIS.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launching of his C. S. Lewis Foundation, Mattson arranged a banquet and auction in a posh Orange County hotel and sent out formal invitations (with Frenchified spelling for an aura of sophistication). See the rest of this page and p. 20. He also sent out a separate call for donations of used cars; donors get tax write-offs and Mattson gets cash for the cars. Ironically, to promote used car donations he changed Lewis’s words “sixty minutes per hour” to “sixty miles per hour.” See pp. 21-22.

As usual, Mattson explains neither his much-publicized (but highly secretive) foundation, nor his vague proposal for a future “C. S. Lewis International Study Centre.” Furthermore, he still fails to account for the past decade of donations to his phantom “C. S. Lewis College.” In fact, he has not even mentioned the college to donors recently. Perhaps he is hoping they will forget about it.

NOTE: Lewis said we reach the future at the rate of sixty minutes per hour, not sixty miles per hour.