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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 77, Summer 1998

Touring C. S. Lewis-Land

Touring C. S. Lewis’ Ireland and England, written by Perry Bramlett and Ronald Higdon, is a July release from Smyth & Helwys. This extraordinary book is not only an invaluable guide for real travelers, but also a magic carpet for stay-at-homes. It offers a wonderful new array of information for anyone interested in C. S. Lewis, and it is an essential addition to every good collection of books about him. Lewis’s great love for the ‘quiddity” of places adds to the significance of his locales; knowing these many landmarks means knowing Lewis in context. The book has four main sections: Ireland (“All the mountains look like mountains in a story…”), Oxford (“There was the fabled cluster of spires and towers…”), Cambridge (‘Some things are beautiful beyond hope or belief…”), and England (“I suppose I reached as much happiness as is ever to be reached on earth.”). Each of these sections includes introductions to dozens of sites that played a role in Lewis’s life and writings. Although the introductions are concisely written and well organized for easy reference, they are also full of human interest. The first two appendices consist of an annotated bibliography and two suggested day-to-day tour itineraries. The book concludes with eight pages of delightful maps.