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The Lewis Legacy-Issue 77, Summer 1998

Ulster Centennial Booklet

The second edition of the colorful “C. S. Lewis Centenary Trail in Belfast and North Down” booklet was published by the C. S. Lewis Centenary Group in June 1998, and a copy accompanies this issue of Legacy. Among other things, it features the Royal Mail Narnia postage stamp, the Belfast statue of C. S. Lewis and a wardrobe, the blue plaque now marking the site of Lewis’s birth, and newly discovered Lewis family photos. Tiny as it is, the 1899 photo on page 11 will please some readers most of all, because it is the earliest known photo of C. S. Lewis. He sits contentedly on his father’s left knee, dressed in a white smock, baby bonnet, and crocheted cape. Flora stands behind Albert in a Gibson Girl blouse, a dark skirt, and an elegant hat. Warren sits on his father’s right knee, gazing intently at his baby brother – and we know now that he was going to focus on his brother for the rest of his life.