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Gilder Cohosts Exciting Ninth Telecosm Conference

Top business and investment minds are gathering this September in Squaw Valley, CA for “the second ascendance of the Telecosm,” the new economic landscape created by computers, data networks and an ever-growing list of new technologies.

The 2005 Telecosm Conference, cohosted by Discovery Senior Fellow George Gilder and Forbes magazine Editor-in-Chief Steve Forbes, is a technology summit for investors, engineers, entrepreneurs, public policy decision makers, money managers, and the top leaders from the world’s leading technology and telecommunications companies.

The 2005 Telecosm Conference, “The Singularity is Here,” marks the ninth annual Gilder conclave. From its inception, The Gilder/Forbes Telecosm Conference has been renowned as the most prestigious venue for information and analysis on breakthrough technologies and cutting edge companies.

Discovery Senior Fellows George Gilder and Bret Swanson are among a select group of speakers addressing this year’s meeting. For a complete list of speakers, and for more information on the conference, Click here. You may also directly register for the event by clicking here.

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