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TWG Final Report

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Introduction to TWG Recommendations

Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center has been advocating improvements in the transportation system that unites and serves the Cascadia region for more than 12 years. Within the region, Cascadia Center has given particular attention to the need for major changes in the way that transportation is planned, funded, and governed in Central Puget Sound, which is home to the largest concentration of population in Cascadia.

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Cascadia Center

Founded in 1993, as the Cascadia Project, Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Center for Regional Development is an important force in regional transportation and sustainable development issues. Cascadia is known for its involvement in transportation and development issues in the Cascadia Corridor, Puget Sound and in the U.S.-Canadian cross-border realm. We’ve recently added to that mix through a major program to promote U.S. efforts to reduce reliance on foreign oil, including the earliest possible development and integration of flex-fuel, plug-in, hybrid-electric vehicles.