New Book by George Gilder

The Silicon Eye is the soon to be released title of bestselling author and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow George Gilder.

The Silicon Eye tells the stirring and at times tragic story of an unprecedented invention that sprung from a Caltech effort to simulate a human retina in electronic form. This one-chip imager captures all three primary colors in each pixel and enables still or motion pictures of a resolution and accuracy never before approximated. And even more miraculously it can be manufactured for about a dollar. As he tells the stories of the great minds that made this vision a reality, Gilder at once lauds the greatness of American enterprise and the dedication and brilliance of the people who have spawned what we know today as Silicon Valley. The book is scheduled for release April 1st and can be pre-ordered through the attached link.

George will be in Seattle on Thursday, April 21st to speak about his book. For more information about attending this event, please see the event information here, or contact Katy Wilson at

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