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2020 Gilder Fellow Wins African Writers Award for Drama

Discovery Institute is excited to announce that Gloria Akayi Asoloko (known as “Akayi”), an alumna of the 2020 class of Gilder Fellows, is the new recipient of the African Writers Award for Drama for her first play “Who Knows Amanda?” Akayi is a development worker and working on her Masters in Development Communication from Nasarawa State University in Nigeria where she is also a staff member at the  Institute of Strategic and Development Communication.

Akayi is the co-founder of Framework Advocacy and Development Initiative (FAD Initiative), a non-profit organization aimed at community development, especially youth empowerment in Nigeria. Akayi is also a consultant with RNW Media, The Netherlands, where she is involved in youth-centered developmental projects.

She joined the Gilder Fellows Seminar, a program of Discovery’s Center for Wealth and Poverty, because she believed it would “enlighten me on ways to utilize various social media platforms to raise a start-up capital for a social enterprise especially through crowdfunding. I also believe that I would understand better how to run and manage an enterprise, as the focus is not only in starting up an enterprise, but it’s also in ensuring that the enterprise flourishes overtime.”

Akayi’s hobbies include reading, traveling, playing the piano, singing, cooking/baking, making jewelry, arts and crafts, fashion, and swimming. Akayi loves plants and animals, especially cats. Check out her full interview featured in Africa in Dialogue.

“Our diversity should be a cause for celebration. I love travelling; and when I do that, I like to learn the language, eat the food, and learn the culture of the people in the places I go. Nigeria has over 300 tribes and over 500 languages, that should not be something that causes division, but should bring unity.”



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