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New Videos Available From ARN

The Rhetoric of Darwin and Wells, Ruse, Tiffney Discussion

Check out these new titles from ARN:
The Rhetoric of Charles Darwin: Interview with Professor John Angus Campbell.

In this illuminating interview, John Angus Campbell breaks down Darwin’s Origin of Species chapter by chapter and reveals how Darwin was able to captivate the mind of the 19th Century intellectuals with rhetorical brilliance. Widely regarded as the world’s foremost expert on the subject of Darwin’s rhetorical strategy, Campbell states “I’m prepared to believe that Darwinism was an impressive artifact of 19th Century thought. It remains a permanent monument to the courage of the human intellect. However, I’m increasingly of the opinion that it may not be true.”

John Angus Campbell is a fellow of Discovery’s Center for Science & Culture. Look for his forthcoming volume [Fall 2002 – edited with Stephen C. Meyer] Darwin, Design & Public Education.

Panel Discussion on the Theory of Evolution: With Michael Ruse, Bruce Tiffney, and Jonathan Wells. In this newly released video, Ruse, Tiffney, and Wells bring their collective intellect, expertise, disagreements and humor to bear on three important themes in the origins debate. The format is a fascinating panel discussion between three scholars who have devoted their lives to the study of Darwinian evolution.

Jonathan Wells is a Senior Fellow at Discovery’s Center for Science & Culture.

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