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The Future of Automotive Transportation

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The Future of Automotive Transportation

A Presentation by Bryan Mistele

Personal mobility is changing before our eyes. In addition to public transportation, services like Uber, Lyft, BMW’s ReachNow, and other rideshares are providing a variety of new options for commuters.

As shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles continue to gain market share, what does this all mean for Seattle? Will it usher in a golden age of transportation, or result in more trips, by more people?

Discovery Institute recently hosted a talk with Board member Bryan Mistele. As one of the nation’s leading experts of automotive transportation, Bryan co-chairs Discovery’s ACES Northwest Network with Tom Alberg. He is also the co-founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of INRIX, the leading provider of traffic information in North America. You’ll want to tune into this illuminating discussion about how we can usher in a new era of transportation.

Note that you can also follow along to the audio of Bryan’s presentation by going through his slides as you listen.