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Darwin Strikes Back
Defending the Science of Intelligent Design
By: Thomas Woodward
Baker Books
December 1, 2006

What started as a debate among scientists has become a full-scale public battle. In this sequel to his award-winning Doubts about Darwin, Thomas Woodward traces the struggle that has emerged as the two sides wrestle with questions of the origin of life. Woodward answers these questions and more:
  1. Who are the key players on each side, and what contributions have they made?
  2. How has the debate developed, and where is it headed in the future?
  3. What conclusions can we draw about our origins based on the scientific evidence?

Darwin Strikes Back is now available at Click here to buy your copy today.

About the Author
Thomas Woodward (Ph.D., University of South Florida) is a professor at Trinity College of Florida, where he teaches the history of science, communication, and systematic theology. He is founder and director of the C. S. Lewis Society and lectures in universities on scientific, apologetic, and religious topics. The author of the award-winning Doubts about Darwin, Woodward is an avid astronomer and has been published in Christianity Today and other periodicals. He lives in Dunedin, Florida.

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