Video Still from Biola University via YouTube

A Scientific Critique of Francis Collins’ BioLogos

Jonathan Wells at the God and Evolution Conference at Biola University From YouTube

Jonathan Wells discusses the implications of DNA and genes on God and evolution, along the way addressing Francis Collins’ claims about junk DNA. He concludes, there are still parts of non-protein-coding DNA for which no specific function is known. Yet new functions are constantly being discovered, so any argument for Darwinian evolution that rest on “junk DNA” must constantly retreat in the face of new evidence. This is ironic, Wells notes, because Collins and other claim that this the major flaw of intelligent design.

About the God and Evolution Conference

The simple question of reconciling God and evolution has been a lost attempt as scientists and religious groups have remained seated on either side of the conflict. Now coming together, focusing on the conflict of neo-Darwinism and traditional theological views of Protestants, Catholics and Jews, scientists and philosophers such as Jay Richards, Marvin Olasky and David Klinghoffer will come together on Saturday, October 16 to tackle the question.

At the one-day conference, a panel will pose the questions, is it “anti-science” to question Darwinian theory, and, what challenges Darwin’s theory poses for the three religious groups.

The profound theological implications Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution manufactures have been a cause of confusion for religious groups since Darwin proposed the idea a century and a half ago — this one-day seminar will look at those implications in a new way. The full panel will include Jonathan Wells, John Bloom, John West, Casey Luskin and Denyse O’Leary in addition to Olasky, Richards and Klinghoffer.