The Fitness of Nature for Mankind

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Join renowned author and biologist Michael Denton as he explores the myriad of ways nature is fit not just for life, but for human life. Denton is author of the new book The Miracle of the Cell (2020) as well as many other books such as Nature’s Destiny, Fire-Maker, The Wonder of Water, and Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis. You will never think of nature in the same way after you watch this presentation!

Michael Denton, giving a new expression to what he calls the “medieval synthesis” of knowledge about life, now enjoying a “Reconquista” thanks to modern science. In charming and lyrical yet rigorous fashion, Denton reviews the design evidence detailed in his books, including the most recent, The Miracle of the Cell.

The whole world works together in the service of man.

Francis Bacon

Denton revives this ancient insight with modern rigor.

As Denton points out, the design of physics and chemistry must have been already in place at the Big Bang. It is the very “ground of being.” It must reflect the planning of an intelligence that came before the first moments of our universe. To this design, Dr. Denton attaches the word “divine.” The design of physics and chemistry is necessarily divine. If it comes before all known physical existence, what else would it be? The contrast with the design in biology is noteworthy. Hypothetically, biological design might not be of a transcendent origin. But the design Denton discusses here must be transcendent. It seals the deal.