Proponents of Intelligent Design Fight Back Against Media Inaccuracy

This article, published by The Christian Post, quotes Discovery Institute Senior Fellow John G. West: John G. West, a political scientist and Associate Director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture pointed out that an article titled “”Intelligent Design Might Soon Meet Its Maker”” by Laurie Goodstein erroneously reported that the recent changes in the Kansas science standards Read More ›

monkey on mirror
Sumba,Indonesia-September 2020: Little monkey at the car side mirror looking inside the car
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Darwinists Take a Look in the Mirror

Eighty years ago this month, high school teacher John Scopes was convicted in a stifling Dayton, Tenn., courtroom of teaching students about Darwin’s theory of evolution contrary to state law.  Made famous by the play and film Inherit the Wind, the Scopes trial has become an icon in the continuing battle for free speech and scientific inquiry.  Unfortunately, it’s an Read More ›

THE SCOPES INDICTMENT-Reah County Courthouse, Dayton, Tennessee,
THE SCOPES INDICTMENT-Reah County Courthouse, Dayton, Tennessee, the courtroom where the Scopes evolution case is being tried. (1925) - CPL Archives/Everett Collection
The Scopes Indictment, Reah County Courthouse (1925)

Evolution Coverage Missed Real Story

More than 40 years ago, the film “Inherit the Wind” presented the controversy over the teaching of evolution as a battle between stick-figure fundamentalists who defend a literal reading of Genesis and saintly scientists who simply want to teach the facts of biology. Ever since, journalists have tended to depict almost any battle over evolution in the schools as if Read More ›

Tolkien conference successful

Approximately 600 people attended the “Celebrating Middle Earth: The Lord of the Rings as a Defense of Western Civilization” conference at SPU last Friday and Saturday. The conference was co-sponsored by the SPU Society of Fellows, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the Discovery Institute and hosted by the C.S. Lewis Institute. Associate Professor of Political Science John West, who first Read More ›