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Walt Disney’s Views on Science and Its Dangers

On this episode of ID The Future, John West, Associate Director of the Center for Science & Culture and author of Walt Disney and Live Action: The Disney Studio’s Live-Action Features of the 1950s and 60s talks about how science is portrayed in Walt Disney’s films and theme parks. Read More ›
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Walt Disney, Prophet of Middle America

Thursday marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of filmmaker and theme-park creator extraordinaire Walt Disney. Despite Disney’s status as a beloved icon of popular culture, he remains woefully under-appreciated as a filmmaker — especially for his live-action productions, which are often dismissed as trite or inconsequential. As I explain in my book Walt Disney and Live Action, that assessment Read More ›

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Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Most Influential Conservative Filmmaker

December 15 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the death of Walt Disney, arguably Hollywood’s most influential conservative filmmaker. Disney usually receives apolitical veneration for his animated films and his creation of Disneyland, but as I explain in my book “Walt Disney and Live Action,” Disney’s live-action films and television shows consistently championed limited government, self-reliance, the American Founding, and Judeo-Christian Read More ›