The Lewis Legacy Issue 73

“Christian Reunion” Now Available In The Bodleian

On 3 April 1995, five months after release of Light in the Shadowlands, Walter Hooper deposited a “Christian Reunion” document in the Bodleian Library. That happened 31 years after Hooper claims that someone unnamed “discovered” the document — in which Lewis endorses Roman Catholicism. Hooper joined the Roman Catholic Church 20 years after that purported discovery; two years later, in Read More ›

Two Talkers: C. S. Lewis’s Final Version Of “Prayer”

In 1964, the year after C. S. Lewis’s death, two versions of one of his poems were both published for the first time. The version in Letters to Malcolm, completed before Lewis’s death, is obviously what he intended. That makes the version in Poems, edited by Walter Hooper, a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. Hooper claims in C. S. Lewis: Read More ›

“Early Prose Joy” Not Available In The Bodleian

There are three stages now in the deepening mystery of the elusive Lewis manuscript that Walter Hooper calls the “Early Prose Joy.” It all began on p. 113 of C. S. Lewis: A Biography by Roger Lancelyn Green and Walter Hooper. There Hooper revealed that he had in his possession a 72-page document written by C.S. Lewis in 1930, when Read More ›

Was Gervase Mathew Really In The Inklings In 1939? by E. Shyaty

Walter Hooper claims that Gervase Mathew heard C. S. Lewis read The Dark Tower at an Inklings meeting. But there is no evidence that Gervase Mathew was in the Inklings in 1939 or 1940, and there is evidence from Lewis that he was not. On 3rd February 1940 Lewis wrote to Warren: “The Inklings is now very well provided, with Read More ›

More on C. S. Lewis’s Favorite Bad Writer

by Perry Bramlett Very Bad Poetry (eds Kathryn Peters & Ross Petras, Vintage,1997). Back cover: “Being a compendium of the worst verse ever written in English – including such (mercifully) forgotten classics as “The Stuttering Lover”, “Ode on the Mammoth Cheese”, “An Elegy to a Dissected Puppy,” and the immortal “The Dentologia — A Poem on the Diseases of the Read More ›

Open Letter to Nancy Cole

Dr. Michael and Jill Farringdon Ariel Cottage, 8 Hadland Terrace West Cross Swansea SA3 5TT, WalesApril 18th, 1997. Dear Ms. Cole, My attention has been drawn to your essay “An Investigation into the Authorship of The Dark Tower”, in which you write that although Andrew Morton’s “complex statistical technique of author identification is admissable in British Courts, it only works Read More ›

Letter to M.J. Lodgson about Nancy Cole’s Report

Prof. D.M. Cregier (Ret.) Department of History University of Prince Edward Island Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada C1A 4P3 Fax: 902 838-2882 E-mail:DCregier@UPEI.CAMay 21, 1997 Mr. M. J. Logsdon Editor, The Lamp-Post 2294 North Main Street, #48 Salinas, CA 93906 Dear Mr. Logsdon: I am responding to some comments by Juan R. Fajardo and yourself in the Winter 1996-7 issue of your Read More ›

The Lewis Legacy-Issue 73, Summer 1997 Other Articles

IRELAND HONORS C. S. LEWIS C. S. Lewis is suddenly one of Ireland’s favorite sons. The C. S. Lewis Centenary Group of Belfast has already produced a handsome 16-page full-color booklet about a variety of Lewis landmarks (available free from Tourist Information Centre, 34 Quay Street, Bangor, Northern Ireland BT20 5ED. Tel:01247 270069, Fax: 01247 274466). It is a wonderfully Read More ›

In The Footsteps Of Sir Cyril Burt And Bruno Bettleheim

Is nothing sacred? It turns out that the two most famous, influential, and powerful child psychologists of the twentieth century were complete frauds. Sir Cyril Burt was born in 1883 and became the most prestigious, powerful, and influential psychologist since the American genius William James. He held the chair of psychology at London’s University College, was knighted by King George Read More ›

Response to Nancy Cole’s Report on The Dark Tower

This is Kathryn Lindskoog’s analysis of Nancy Cole’s unpublished 20-page essay written in 1995 and first circulated in manuscript form in March 1997. Section 6 is the most amusing section and the most important. Errors in Nancy Cole’s Essay “An Investigation into the Authorship of The Dark Tower” Nancy H. Cole, M.A. 701 Welch Road, Suite 2214, Palo Alto, CA Read More ›