Smart professor ansqwering question of one of his students by blackboard
Smart professor ansqwering question of one of his students by blackboard

A Fix to Teacher Shortages: The K-12 Adjunct Teacher

There’s been talk for years of a teacher shortage. This problem could become acute in the aftermath of the pandemic. Can school budgets absorb declining enrollment even while payroll costs creep up? What will happen to technical subjects and special education with fewer certified teachers? Read More ›

Government Workers Less Productive?

Which group of workers contributes most to the gross domestic product? One could have a lively debate about this question. As one who is a firm believer in small and limited government, I argue that two of the most productive workers are elementary school teachers, who teach children basic reading and math skills, and honest and wise judges.It is hard Read More ›

Does WASL Past the Test?

WASL scores are here and the news is mostly good. You may guess by now that the WASL (pronounced WAHsil) is not something you do in December. It’s the Washington Assessment of Student Learning. It includes brain-teasing math questions, interesting literature selections to read and critique, demanding listening problems that require some note-taking skills, among other things. It makes you Read More ›

Player-Coaches for Schools

Some teachers are superstars. Kids and parents know who they are. Teachers and principals know too. So why not give these superstars recognition? Forget gold stars, cash awards or any other reward for past performance. Think instead about a new role for superstar teachers. When one feels ready for the next challenge, why not assign him or her to a Read More ›