The Crusader

From the In the Northwest roundup column, on Discovery board chairman John Miller The crusader: As a Seattle congressman from 1984 to 1992, Republican John Miller spoke out against both his city’s and his administration’s foreign policy. He denounced human rights abuses by the Sandinista rulers of Nicaragua at a time when Seattle political and religious figures were acting as Read More ›

Chimpanzee consists of two extant species: common chimpanzee and bonobo. Bonobos and common chimpanzees are the only species of great apes that are currently restricted in their range to Africa
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Do You Bonobo?

The war on terrorism has absorbed our attention since September 11th. While this is appropriate, we should not forget that the long-simmering cultural wars continue. The other side is hard at work, chipping away patiently while all eyes are turned toward Afghanistan. The latest threat? Courtesy of PBS, the bonobos — the “make love, not war” primates — are coming Read More ›