Is Richard Dawkins a Raelian?

This is rich: Richard Dawkins—whose official website claims modestly to be “a clear thinking oasis”—made an incredible statement in the new movie Expelled, asserting that it is “an intriguing possibility” that space aliens “seeded” life here on Planet Earth. (I haven’t seen the movie, but did obtain this partial transcript. The emphasis is mine.) Moderator Ben Stein asks Dawkins how Read More ›

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Clones and Rael-Politik

SO THE RAELIANS, who maintain that human life was the product of cloning by space aliens, now claim that their for-profit corporation, Clonaid, has cloned the first human baby, a healthy female named Eve. There is no proof of any kind to verify this, and most of the world is highly skeptical. It took nearly 300 tries before Dolly the Read More ›

Chromosome under microscope. Genetic concept background
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Practical Council: Important Stuff from the Kass Commission

They keep threatening to do it, and now, they say they have. The flying-saucer cult, the Raelians, announced that its scientists have implanted a woman with a cloned human embryo. “The next announcement will be the birth of a baby,” their chief scientist Brigitte Boisselier, cheerily announced to the world. Whether this is actually true, or whether such an embryo Read More ›