Puget Sound Passenger Ferry Coalition

New Group Is Onboard for Foot Ferries

A new wave in foot ferry leadership, the Puget Sound Passenger Ferry Coalition, will make its official debut on Tuesday at a conference aboard the Royal Argosy at Pier 66 in Seattle. The coalition is a loose, unofficial group of lawmakers, transit leaders and private business, a veritable who’s who in the local world of maritime transportation. While their background Read More ›

Looking Back to Go Forward

Original article [Note: This is an account of the ferry conference that Discovery Institute’s Cascadia Project organized and put on July 1. Unfortunately, the Cascadia Project is not mentioned here, but the group that it launched, the Puget Sound Passenger Ferry Coalition, is.] SEATTLE — With her eyes cast back in a memory and her voice tipped with nostalgia, Gig Read More ›