‘Intelligent design’ theory definitely belongs in biology class—as a history lesson in the evolution of thought.

Original Article I don’t believe that the universe was intelligently designed. I don’t think that “intelligent design” is a scientific theory: It appeals to the supernatural and cannot be empirically tested. I think its proponents have religious motivations for trying to insert it into the curriculum. But I also believe it should be taught in high school biology classes. The Read More ›

Discovery Institute Opposes Proposed PA Bill on Intelligent Design

SEATTLE—Discovery Institute has sent a letter to the Pennsylvania State Legislature opposing a proposed bill that would authorize school districts to require the teaching of intelligent design. In a letter to Rep. Jess M. Stairs, Chair of Pennsylvania’s House Education Committee, Discovery Institute officials stated that they “strongly oppose any effort by the government to mandate the teaching of intelligent Read More ›

A Balanced Approach to Teach Evolution

Original Article One of the most basic questions that children ask is, ”Where did we come from?” In science education policy, however, the more relevant question is, how do we best prepare our teachers to answer the student who inquires about our origins and the origin of other living things? The answer is at the heart of a contentious debate Read More ›