Patriot Act

Patriot Act Protects Americans from Terrorism

Recently there has been extensive press coverage of Rep. Bernard Sanders’ opposition to the USA Patriot Act. Much of this coverage has been inaccurate, unbalanced and unnecessarily frightening to the public. It is time to set the record straight. As recognized in the Declaration of Independence, the first responsibility of government is to preserve the lives and liberty of the Read More ›

Portraits / images / the eyes of famous leader on banknotes, currencies of the most dominant countries in the world i.e. Japanese yen, US dollar, Chinese yuan, Australian dollar. Financial concept.

Follow the Money

If you want to catch a criminal or terrorist, does it make sense to “follow the money”? A “yes” answer makes sense if you can identify at least one of the individuals or institutions connected with the suspected wrongdoer. However, if you are trying to follow money flows in general or all money flows, it is not likely your work Read More ›