Ecuador to Vote Sunday on Granting Rights to “Nature”!

A radical environmental group called the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund is the brainchild behind a constitutional proposal, to be voted on Sunday, that would grant rights to “nature.” From the proposal: Persons and people have the fundamental rights guaranteed in this Constitution and in the international human rights instruments. Nature is subject to those rights given by this Constitution Read More ›

The Letter Nature Wouldn’t Print

Nature magazine has refused to print a letter from Dr. Stephen Meyer, Director of Discovery’s Center for Science & Culture, after his interview for an article the magazine printed about the growing number of university students taking interest in researching the theory of intelligent design. For more on the article and the responses click here to see our blog post Read More ›

Response to Jerry Coyne’s Review of Icons of Evolution

On April 12, 2001, Nature published a review of Jonathan Wells’s book, Icons of Evolution, by University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry A. Coyne. (Nature 410, 745-746). About half of Coyne’s review consists of personal attacks on Wells, while most of the other half took exception with Wells’s criticism of the way Darwinists use distorted drawings of vertebrate embryos to Read More ›