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Mann springt von Klippe ins Meer
Mann springt von Klippe ins Meer

Leap Before You Look

I helped Bruce Chapman form Discovery Institute some 25 years ago and over that period, if I may use the term, it has evolved. Bruce and I believe that this evolution expresses an intelligent design, a unified vision that transcends the various programs at Discovery Institute. We do not only believe in intelligent design in the universe; we believe such a design manifests itself across the sciences and pervades economics and culture. Not only is God the creator; but human beings are creative in his image, in the image of the creator. This is a scientific proposition, following the insights of a great new science called information theory. Information theory upholds the idea of a hierarchical universe and underlies all Read More ›


Questions and Answers about Discovery Institute

The Center for Science and Culture answers some of the most common questions about Discovery Institute: What is Discovery Institute? What is the Center for Science and Culture? Is Discovery Institute a religious organization? Does Discovery Institute favor including the Bible or creationism in science classes or textbooks? Is Discovery Institute trying to eliminate, reduce or censor the coverage of evolution in textbooks? Read More ›