Don’t Doubt It

Get ready for the great Darwin-Hitler debate. There’s already been a volley of advance attacks on a new film’s suggestion of a link between Darwinism and Nazi ideology. The movie is Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, opening this weekend, a cheeky documentary that is not primarily about evolutionism in prewar Germany. Reviewers in Time, Scientific American, Variety, Fox News, and elsewhere Read More ›

Is There A Connection Between Hitler And Darwin?

Hitler understood something about Judaism that even many Jews today don’t grasp. I mention this because you’re soon going to be hearing a lot about a new movie, Expelled, which understands something about Hitler that, in turn, many Jews and non-Jews don’t or don’t want to understand. Starring comic actor Ben Stein, Expelled is a snarky theatrical documentary about the Read More ›

New Book, Shattered Tablets, Offers Stinging Critique of Our Secularized Popular Culture

SEATTLE – Is morality based on some essential truth or is it defined by society? In this highly original critique of American social mores and popular culture, Shattered Tablets (Doubleday), author David Klinghoffer argues that the Ten Commandments are essential to maintaining a morally healthy society. “My main point is that the steady evaporation of religious culture will have very Read More ›

Borders & the Bible

The Biblical patriarchs Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph were compelled to live, sometimes uncomfortably, as immigrants in Egypt, as their descendants, the Israelites, would also. Is the Bible telling us that welcoming immigrants is a moral priority? The question, obviously, is highly relevant with the Senate resuming debate on immigration in the wake of President Bush’s Monday-night address. While the Left typically resists Read More ›

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Darwin’s Jews

A sophisticated debate about Darwinian evolution is going on at the topmost levels of the Catholic Church. In the Jewish community, however, the discussion remains mostly primitive and ill informed. Surely this embarrassing state of affairs can be corrected, and I have a suggestion. Read More ›

Why We Care About Darwin Wars

We can expect more battles about Darwin before school boards across the country. But who cares? Impatient by now with the legal and religious debate around intelligent design, many of us may wonder just that. In fact we all need to care — Darwinian theory has practical ramifications beyond the narrow question of what mechanism drives evolution. Darwinists say the Read More ›

Judging Darwin and God

Issuing theological statements isn’t normally thought of as the job of a federal judge. Yet, this week when U.S. District Court Judge John E. Jones III released the first federal ruling on intelligent design, there was at the core of his written decision an unambiguously theological ruling: that evolution as formulated by Charles Darwin presents no conflict with the God Read More ›

David Klinghoffer on Michael Medved

Editors’s Note: In an interview with radio host Michael Medved, Discovery Institute senior fellow David Klinghoffer discusses the Anti-Defamation’s anti-Christian campaign, what traditional Jews and Christians have in common, and Klinghoffer’s new book Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History (Doubleday). Audio MP3 (17.2MB)

Pile of Open magazines, blue toned image
Pile of Open magazines, blue toned image

Designs on Us

To my surprise, it turned out that almost all those surveyed, including several NR editors and contributors, were doubters not of Darwinism but of Intelligent Design. Read More ›