Kerry’s Economic Jingoism is the Wrong Choice for America

Original Article Within minutes of the start of the third presidential debate, Sen. John Kerry mentioned outsourcing — three times. It’s been his favorite word and economic lodestar since his Iowa primary victory last winter. In Kerry’s world, CEOs who use foreign labor are “Benedict Arnolds” for their efforts to succeed in the global economy. Media have obliged Kerry’s outsourcing Read More ›

Kerry More Likely To Reinstate Draft

Of all the upside-down, misreported issues of 2004, the phoniest is the Kerry camp’s assertion that a re-elected George W. Bush will bring back the draft. The case is much stronger that John Kerry himself would do so. Military conscription was abolished more than 30 years ago by Richard Nixon (yes, that’s right) after a six-year campaign by Republicans to Read More ›

Draft Rumor Targets Supposedly Gullible College Students, Says Volunteer Military Advocate

SEATTLE, OCT. 22 — “The most potent campaign rumor of the year is the web-induced claim that if re-elected Bush President will reinstitute the draft,” says Bruce Chapman, president of the Discovery Institute and a pioneer in the 1960s movement to institute an all-volunteer military. “It’s potent, but it is also false.” “Whether the Kerry camp originated the story or simply Read More ›

When Is Cloning not “Cloning”?

John Kerry has a well-deserved reputation for waffling and attempting to get on every side of every issue. Now, he’s done it again by signing up as a co-sponsor (along with Senators Orin Hatch and Dianne Feinstein) of what could be called the Human Cloning Legalization and Legitimization Act of 2003 (S. 303). The legislation isn’t really called that. Such Read More ›