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young doctor standing with a stethoscope on a white backgro
young doctor standing with a stethoscope on a white backgro

The Problem with Shifting from ‘Evidence-Based’ to ‘Science-Based’ Medicine

We supposedly live in an era of “evidence-based medicine,” in which medical decisions are guided by the published data. But that approach is now being criticized because the “best evidence” is often in the eye of the beholder. Read More ›

End-of-Life Decisions and the Bureaucracy

When I learned today that the federal bureaucracy had promulgated a rule compensating physicians for the time they spend counseling patients on end-of-life health-care decisions, I wasn’t surprised. A similar provision was dropped from the Obamacare bill, but anyone who understands the profoundly bureaucratic nature of contemporary government knew that that was not necessarily the end of it. The 2,700-page Read More ›

A Myth Is as Good as a Mile

The assisted-suicide movement has come a long way in just a couple of decades. Consider, for example, this recent item from the San Francisco Chronicle: “Charlotte Shultz [the wife of former secretary of state George Shultz] accepted the invitation to be honorary co- chair (with Dianne Feinstein) at a Nov. 5 luncheon and program for Compassion & Choices of Northern Read More ›

GOP Can Achieve Health Care Reform by Keeping it Simple

Republicans wondering what to do after they have exhausted the ideas in their “Contract with America” might take a page out of Bill Clinton’s playbook and look again at health care reform. Of course, reviving Mr. Clinton’s confusing and heavily bureaucratic approach to health care would be politically suicidal. Fortunately, neither Republicans, nor market-oriented Democrats, need take that tack. An Read More ›