gender affirming care

Colorful crayons and a symbol of a transgender
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Let’s Stop Calling It Gender-Affirming Care

Twenty-two states have passed laws restricting in varying degrees the practice of the grossly inaccurately termed “gender-affirming care” for minors. The majority of those states did so in 2023. Additional bills aimed at protecting children from irreversible physical harm are being put forward this legislative cycle in states with Republican majority legislatures. Read More ›
Small flags of the World Health Organization WHO on an abstract blurry background
Small flags of the World Health Organization WHO on an abstract blurry background

World Health Organization Fails at Forcing ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ on Children

The ruling class and international community clearly intend to impose a radical view of “sexual health” on us all—including setting gender-affirming care as the standard of care for treating gender dysphoric children—policies not shared by or agreed with by billions of the world’s people. Read More ›
A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march
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The Transgender Tide Is Turning

The time has come for an intense but mutually respectful societal conversation that focuses not only on the causes of transgenderism and the potential benefits of transitioning such people, but also the many risks and alternatives that can care compassionately for suffering people while maintaining cultural equilibrium. Read More ›