dead looking woods
Ominous and spooky trees found in Norris Geyser Basin
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Inventing the Crime of Ecocide

On this episode of the Center on Human Exceptionalism Podcast, host David Boze and senior fellow Wesley J. Smith discuss a recent environmental movement that is pushing for the international recognition of “ecocide” as a crime against peace. The promoters of the concept of “ecocide” seek to thwart human development of resources in order to protect the flora and fauna Read More ›

Statue of Gaia

Ecocide: A Crime Against Peace?

Environmentalism is growing increasingly antihuman. Having left Teddy Roosevelt-style conservation and Earth Day consciousness-raising behind, the cutting edge of the movement is pursuing utopian “save the planet” agendas while angrily castigating mankind for supposedly sucking the life out of Gaia. Such environmental misanthropy used to be confined to the fringe. For more than three decades proponents of Deep Ecology have Read More ›