Douglas Axe

Photo: Red poppy, Auckland Botanic Gardens, Auckland, New Zealand, by Sandy Millar via Unsplash.

Breakout Paper in Journal of Theoretical Biology Explicitly Supports Intelligent Design

The Journal of Theoretical Biology has published an explicitly pro-intelligent design article, “Using statistical methods to model the fine-tuning of molecular machines and systems.” Let’s take a closer look at the contents. Read More ›
The Information Enigma

The Information Enigma

Information drives the development of life. But what is the source of that information? Could it have been produced by an unguided Darwinian process? Or did it require intelligent design? The Information Enigma is a fascinating 21-minute documentary that probes the mystery of biological information, the challenge it poses to orthodox Darwinian theory, and the reason it points to intelligent Read More ›

Signature in the Cell: Stephen Meyer Faces his Critics, pt. 2: Q&A and Debate

Signature in the Cell: Stephen Meyer Faces his Critics, pt. 2: Q&A and Debate

This video is part 2 of an event held at Biola University called Signature in the Cell: Stephen Meyer Faces his Critics. After a presentation on the arguments of his book, Dr. Meyer addresses critics Dr. Stephen Matheson and Dr. Arthur Hunt one on one in this not-to-be-missed Q&A session. Posted with permission. Content from the full event is available Read More ›

Douglas Axe co-author of Science & Human Origins

Apes can’t read, so why can we? Does science show we’re related to apes, or is the evolutionary tale of common ancestry false?

Science & Human Origins, the provocative new book from Discovery Institute Press, boldly addresses some of the most popular evolutionary arguments pertaining to controversial claims that humans and apes are related through common ancestry. Read More ›