Climate Change

Trade and invest wallpaper

Future Imperfect

In this intriguingly contrarian rework of the Thomas Friedman “hot and flat” motif, Gregg Easterbrook asserts that venture capitalists are no better than lottery players when it comes to choosing new technology companies. He reports that leading stock analysts outperform broad market-index funds only one-third of the time. He adds that the preeminent financial pundits break into two groups — Read More ›

Sims To Port: No Deal If Rails Stay

This article, published by The Seattle Times, mentions the Cascadia Center of Discovery Institute: Citizens groups and the think tank Cascadia Center at Discovery Institute have stepped up their campaign to put diesel passenger trains on the rail line that parallels Interstate 405. The rest of the article can be found here.

The Global Warming Myth

Dr. Noah Robinson speaks on the myth of global warming at the 2007 Telecosm conference. He shows that the warm spell we are currently experiencing is not abnormal and began prior to the world’s heavy use of hydrocarbons. Listen as he presents the evidence for global warming being a fabrication.