Church and State

Our Founding Fathers and the Separation of Church & State

Dr. Philip Munoz lectures on the true beliefs of the founding fathers on church and state. He begins by comparing the liberal and conservative stories of the founders. He moves into the political philosophies of Madison, Jefferson, and Washington, and concludes with his thoughts on how we might best approach the father’s competing wisdom. Read More ›

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Presenter Giving Presentation at Conference with Investors and MBA Students. Speech during Workshop Teaching Business Tech. Executive Coach Training Corporate Manager. Businesswoman at Pitch Event.
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Teaching About Evolution in the Public Schools

A new approach to teaching about evolution has been developed to meet the test of good science and satisfy the courts’ standards of constitutionality. "Teach the controversy" is tje idea is to use scientific disagreements over evolution to help students learn more about evolution, and about how science deals with controversy. Read More ›