Apartments in Paris
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An Open Letter to the Amazing Randi

Dear Amazing Randi: I just read your widely publicized letter to the Smithsonian about its decision to air The Privileged Planet, Discovery Institute’s film on intelligent design. You find it “impossible to comprehend” why the Smithsonian has chosen to screen such a film. And, I see that you are willing to pay the Smithsonian Institute $20,000 so that they don’t Read More ›

New Mexico PBS Station Bans Science Documentary on Intelligent Design Theory

SEATTLE, JAN. 4 — KNME, a local PBS station in Albuquerque New Mexico, has banned “Unlocking the Mystery of Life,” a science documentary about intelligent design. According to KNME’s website the program was originally scheduled to air Friday, Jan. 7 at 9pm, and it was still listed there on Monday afternoon. According to New Mexico scientist Phil Robinson who worked Read More ›

J. Paul Leonard Library and Malcolm X Plaza at San Francisco State University
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Scientific Correctness in San Francisco

When most of us think of the controversy over evolution in the public schools, we are likely to think of fundamentalists pulling teachers from their classrooms and placing them in the dock. Images from the infamous Scopes "monkey" trial of 1925 come to mind. Unfortunately, intolerance of this sort has shown itself in California in the 1990s as a result of students complaining about a biology instructor. Unlike the original Scopes case, however, this case involves a distinguished biology professor at a major university — indeed, an acknowledged expert on evolutionary theory. Read More ›