Intelligent Design Renews Debate Between Science and Religion

This article, published by The Baptist Standard, is about William Dembski of Discovery Institute: Just ask William Dembski. Educated as a probability theorist, Dembski had a “Eureka!” moment in 1988 when he heard a statistician say at a conference that mathematics can define what randomness is not but not what it is. The rest of the article can be found Read More ›

Baylor Administration Silencing Science by Design

This article, published by The Baylor Lariat, is about Robert Marks of Discovery Institute: This is a legitimate question in light of the university’s heavy-handed actions in shutting down the research Web site of Dr. Robert Marks. The rest of the article can be found here.

New Intelligent Design Conflict Hits BU

This article, published by The Baylor Lariat, mentions Robert Marks, Casey Luskin, and William Dembski of Discovery Institute” The Baptist Press quoted former Baylor professor William Dembski … as saying this is “perhaps the biggest story yet of academic suppression relating to ID.” … Casey Luskin, program officer in public policy and legal affairs for the Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based Read More ›

Web Site sparks New Intelligent Design Battle at BU

This article, published by the Waco Tribune Herald, mentions Robert Marks, William Dembski, and Casey Luskin of Discovery Institute: Dembski … says he is convinced … that Marks’ site was taken down because of its connection with intelligent design. … “Baylor University has proven yet again that academic freedom has been thrown off campus and academic persecution is the norm,” spokesman Read More ›